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Alyssa Giannini
United States
My name is Alyssa, I'm 19, I've been doing artsy stuff since I was little. Graphic design is my forte but I do many other things. I don't do art as a business.

Current Residence: New Providence, Pennsylvania.
Favourite genre of music: I have a soft spot for folk punk.
Favourite photographer: rhoddi, established, Joshie.
Favourite style of art: Lomography, mixed media, vector, street art.
MP3 player of choice: iSuck.
Personal Quote: "The sun is always rising in the sky somewhere" - AM!
  • Listening to: Samba pa ti by Santana
I don't know if Josh and I are the only ones who find these things amusing, but..

Josh (1:07:50 PM): Ew, someone commented pretty foot
Me (1:08:14 PM): lmfao
Me (1:08:19 PM): I was just going to say that
Me (1:08:37 PM): The foot fetishists ALWAYS find something to say
Me (1:08:50 PM): And there's a ton of them on DA
Josh (1:08:53 PM): lol
Me (1:08:54 PM): That and furries
Me (1:08:58 PM): Yuck
Josh (1:08:59 PM): -shudders-
Me (1:09:02 PM): What if you were both
Josh (1:09:10 PM): Hahahahahaha
Me (1:09:18 PM): And you liked, like, dolphin flippers or something
Josh (1:09:22 PM): lmao
Me (1:09:32 PM): And you commented on sea world pics like, "Oo..nice flipper."
Josh (1:09:39 PM): Hahahahaha
Josh (1:09:40 PM): Om
Josh (1:09:40 PM): omg

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immodest Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2010
Your art tagged here [link]
Hope you enjoy it ! :heart:
mauro-goncalo Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2010
Hey :wave:

Are you still here? I had something to ask you


rikatee Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2009
which punk songs changed your life
ahopefulregret Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2009
A lot.

Never Trust A Man Who Plays Guitar, You Wanna Go To Party Town by Wingnut Dishwashers Union, (a lot more by them), One Word Law by Ghost Mice, Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious by Against Me!, Punks With Clean Kitchens by Evan Greer, off the top of my head.
Human-Canvas Featured By Owner May 21, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

piercedcrazyartist Featured By Owner May 7, 2009
i just love your shoulder tattoo
i am starting a little mag called rash magazine
can i feature some of your designs there?
do you also know about a good tattoo artist i can feature?
need five to six pics, bio picture and bio.
e mail me at please!
ahopefulregret Featured By Owner May 8, 2009
Thank you, and yes you can as long as I'm credited.

The only tattoo artist I know is the guy who does mine, his name is Chris Hall but I don't really have any of his contact information :(
piercedcrazyartist Featured By Owner May 9, 2009
awesome, will let you know when you can view it online, thanks!
ahopefulregret Featured By Owner May 11, 2009
Welcome and thank you :)
beckuh Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2009
thanks for the comment, I love your signature quote btw
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